Review of Goodebox


Goodebox supplies samples of beauty/skincare products that are free of harmful chemicals. For a cost of $18 I was sent 6 samples.

February box contained:

Shave with Benefits Shave Foam – Not my favorite scent – mint & eucalyptus. Works ok as a shave foam but won’t become my new must have

Organic Massage and Body Oil – This had an earthy pleasant scent. I neither loved nor hated this. Seemed like your regular ordinary massage oil.

Sumbody Bath Melt – this had a fantastic scent. I really liked it. And as promised, it did seem to make my skin more moisturized. My only complaint is that it is pretty small. I would’ve liked to have had more of it.

Aiyana Natural Eau De Parfum – I did not like this one bit. It was a strong earthy sort of a scent. Not my type of thing at all.

Diva Stix – This is supposed to be for brightening the dark spots under your eyes or using around your eyes for contrast. I’m not prone to dark circles or spots so it just seemed like it made my skin look whiter. This is probably better suited for someone with uneven skin tones or dark circles.

Sumbody bath salts – Great scent, chemical free, this I very much liked

Overall I’m not sure it was a good value but it did allow me to try some brands that I had never tried before. My favorite item was the bath melt and goodebox does offer a 20% discount on purchases so I may buy some more of that. But, I probably will not continue this one just because I’m subscribed to so many and I have to cut down somewhere. I think I would like it better if they just focused on bath stuff. I just didn’t get the Diva Stix thing.


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