Healthy Surprise Subscription Box Review

Healthy Surprise Jan 2014

Healthy Surprise Jan 2014

This box contained 12 healthy all natural snacks. I love that they were made from real foods and not chemicals. I definitely feel like it was an overall good value and the snacks were high quality.

Maple Cranberry Kalenola – Have not eaten this yet but I am always looking for healthy ways to get Kale into my diet.

Rawma Energy Bar – It was a little bit hard to chew but overall had a good flavor.

Veggie Chips – My husband didn’t like them but I thought these were good. This is something I would buy more of.

Snapz Tomato Crunch – I liked these. This is good for wintertime when tomatoes are out of season. The chips have lots of flavor and the whole package is only 40 calories.

Not Nuts! Seed and fruit mix – This was good and I was happy to be able to find more of it at the grocery store.

Hail Mary Macaroons – These were really good. I totally want more of these.

Snapz Pineapple Crunch – I am not a big pineapple person so I think I will leave these for my husband to try.

Mashups Squeezable Fruit – My 2 year old really liked this. She was upset when it ran out. Definitely will have to get more.

Veggie Go’s Mountain Berry Spinach – This was like a fruit roll up essentially. The flavor was good but it’s not something I would normally buy.

Oven Roasted Almonds – Have not tried yet

Organic Dark Chocolate 60% cocoa – I am not a dark chocolate person. I prefer milk chocolate. So I thought this was just so-so.


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